Don't miss anything about the last edition of our innovation program, a referent in the innovation ecosystem. Here, you can learn about the proposals of the 12 agents selected to solve the challenges launched in the Sacyr iChallenges 2021 edition.

What is Sacyr iChallenges?

Sacyr iChallenges is our open innovation program. One of the pillars of strength of our innovation and transformation strategy, iChallenges seeks collaboration and co-creation with the global innovation ecosystem.

This program was created so that, together, we can find solutions to the business challenges previously defined by the company. Sacyr iChallenges seeks to collaborate with startups, consolidated technological companies, large companies, universities, technology centers, etc.

We want to find partners who, thanks to their solutions, can improve the quality of life of citizens through better infrastructures and services.

At Sacyr we know that teamwork is one of the keys to success in any company. That is why we are looking for the best talent with which to promote new ideas that contribute to building a better world, focused on sustainability.

We want to share experiences, synergies, and ideas and for you to be part of the change, to go from imagining a better future to building it together.

Will you join us?


What are we looking for in iChallenges?

To encourage collaboration with the innovative ecosystem to provide solutions to our different business areas. All startups, technology companies, universities and research centers with innovative ideas that help us to promote sustainability are welcome.

We are looking for solutions that we can validate in the short term through real projects in any of the countries where we are present.

The program has a global scope.

We are looking for worthwhile projects with innovative solutions, technology, or new business models that bring added value.

We want to build long-term relationships. Therefore, we are looking for scalable projects with prospects for growth together with our company.

What we offer

Participate in the
Saycr Innovation Summit

Share a day with Sacyr's top management and the most innovative projects in the industry to generate opportunities and synergies.

with Sacyr

You will be able to test your project in a real environment, where you can validate the innovative potential of your solution.

Get a
strategic ally

Access a network of key professionals who can guide you in commercial, technical and strategic aspects to take your project to the next level.

your business

Participate in a co-creation model to accelerate and scale your solution with Sacyr's international network of clients and suppliers.

your brand

Benefit from Sacyr's communication strategies, making your solution known at conferences, digital media, and international exhibitions.

Become an
innovative reference

Position your project as one of the most innovative in the industry, with the backing of one of the leading companies in the global infrastructure and services sector.