What are the challenges to be solved?

  • The four challenges for which Sacyr proposes a model of collaboration are:

    • Digital business development: A technological solution that, bringing together Sacyr’s business information and that available on the network, enables the identification of new commercial opportunities in the field of turnkey industrial contracts.

    • Digitization of occupational Safety: IoT technological solution that helps employees and supervisors of work to prevent in real time the risks that may arise during the execution of the same, through the sensorization of machines or objects that may have incorporated workers.

    • Remote care for dependent people: Technological solution, with a social focus and that provides added value, to monitor in remote and real time the routines of dependent people, in order to provide welfare to users and tranquility to their families.

    • Smart tolls: Installation of automatic vehicle sorting technologies to make the current process more efficient and add value to Sacyr, Public Administrations and users.