Participants must commit to the program and exploit the project with which they have been selected. The participant must also respect the rules set by the program and accept the program’s regulatory bases.

Yes, anyone can take on more than one challenge.

  • The four challenges for which Sacyr proposes a model of collaboration are:

    • Digital business development: A technological solution that, bringing together Sacyr’s business information and that available on the network, enables the identification of new commercial opportunities in the field of turnkey industrial contracts.

    • Digitization of occupational Safety: IoT technological solution that helps employees and supervisors of work to prevent in real time the risks that may arise during the execution of the same, through the sensorization of machines or objects that may have incorporated workers.

    • Remote care for dependent people: Technological solution, with a social focus and that provides added value, to monitor in remote and real time the routines of dependent people, in order to provide welfare to users and tranquility to their families.

    • Smart tolls: Installation of automatic vehicle sorting technologies to make the current process more efficient and add value to Sacyr, Public Administrations and users.

  • Collaborate in the resolution of challenges with one of the leading Spanish corporations within the infrastructure sector and with a presence in nearly 30 countries.
  • Working with experts in the sector as well as with senior management.
  • Access to Sacyr’s international clients and supplier network.
  • Establish strategic relationships between innovative agents and Sacyr.
  • Participate in a co-creation model where the generated profits will be shared between Sacyr and the innovative agents.
  • Accelerate and scale up the business model, technology or innovative solution.

Those who are up for the challenge will participate in the selection of the best innovative proposals and must meet the following requirements:

  • Be an agent of the innovative ecosystem (companies with innovative solutions, technological companies, research centers, universities and start-ups, etc.) that provides innovative solutions to the challenges in areas relevant to Sacyr.

  • The applicant must be a person of legal age and with legal capacity.

  • The projects must be original. The plagiarism of a project means the immediate expulsion of the participant in the selection process and the inability to reapply in the future.

  • Applicants may not have been convicted for any intentional crimes.

The registration period will be open from June 19th to July 26th, 2019.

The first phase of Sacyr iChallenges 2019 starts on June 19th and will run until the Digital Day at the end of September. Then, with the project proposals, the processes of co-creation and collaboration will begin, these will last until December 2019.

To join Sacyr iChallenges we have enabled this website. You will find the form in our “Join” section and from here be able to enter the selection process. It is essential to attach a two page project proposal or a presentation that synthesizes the essence of the project. The content must describe the product or technology you are planning to develop and how it could add value to Sacyr’s challenges.

Sacyr iChallenges is Sacyr’s open innovation program. It is an open call for all agents of the innovative ecosystem from large companies and start-ups to research centers and universities.

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