Sacyr iChallenges

We boost new ideas to transform society

What is Sacyr iChallenges?

Sacyr iChallenges 2019 is an open innovation program that channels Sacyr’s digital transformation strategy, which has been based eight years on a commitment to collaboration and co-creation with the innovative ecosystem at a global level.

In this edition, Sacyr broadens the spectrum of innovative agents with which to co-create in order to consolidate itself as a benchmark program for open innovation. The program is open to proposals from large companies, technology firms, joint ventures, research centers, universities, start-ups, etc. In essence, Sacyr wants to collaborate with any innovative agents that can provide a solution to the challenges proposed in their initiative.

These challenges aim to optimize and improve Sacyr’s processes through innovative solutions or new business models in different business areas such as engineering and infrastructures, manufacturing, services and concessions.


  • Collaborate in the resolution of challenges with one of the leading Spanish corporations within the infrastructure sector and with a presence in nearly 30 countries.
  • Working with experts in the sector as well as with senior management.
  • Access to Sacyr’s international clients and supplier network.
  • Establish strategic relationships between innovative agents and Sacyr.
  • Participate in a co-creation model where the generated profits will be shared between Sacyr and the innovative agents.
  • Accelerate and scale up the business model, technology or innovative solution.

This is Sacyr iChallenges